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Clifden Pony Irish Whiskey Cocktail

Green beer on St. Patrick’s Day? Bah! It’s an insult to the Irish, the island, and the history of the Emerald Isles. Instead, we offer up to you a beautiful Spiker’s custom-crafted cocktail that is smooth and sophisticated, meant to be sipped, not quaffed.

You can use any Irish whiskey in this drink, but we suggest a cask-strength variety because its strength will mellow as the ice in your glass melts. Although we have tested all of our shrubs with Irish whiskey, we’re especially smitten with the performance of  our Ginger Bite shrub. It features a refreshing kick, plus a pleasing acidic twang. Together with the whiskey and vermouth, it creates an inspiring and complex sipping experience.

The Clifden Pony: An Irish Whiskey Shrub toast to St. Paddy's Day



  • Fill a rocks glass halfway with ice. Add the whiskey, vermouth, and shrub and stir to blend. Sláinte!