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Coming home to Cider Hill

When we launched our business in 2014, Cider Hill Farm was the first business we approached. They’re just down the street from us, but their location isn’t what motivated us. Cider Hill Farm is a leader in sustainable farming and community retailing. You will always find something fresh, new, and local on their shelves. And we will always want to be part of their mission.

Today — almost one year after we launched Spiker’s Shrubs and Cider Hill said “yes!” — we delivered a new crop of our 2015 shrubs.

We hope you’ll visit Cider Hill Farm soon and ask for Spiker’s Shrubs. But also be sure to explore their ever-expanding collection of small-batch specialty foods: honey, jerky, cheese, and more. Cider Hill Farm is a great destination no matter what you are shopping for.