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Coming soon to quench your thirst…

When summer heat and humidity start bearing down, we don’t turn to lemonade to quench our thirst. We want something bracing and refreshing. That’s why Spiker’s is rolling out a brand new shrub in time for Father’s Day, the Solstice, and any day hotter than 80 degrees F.

Introducing Spiker’s Pink Grapefruit Shrub, crafted from thinly sliced Ruby Red Grapefruit. We include some of the peel during the aging process to add the same welcome spritz and subtle bitter bite which our customers loved in Tuscan Tangerine shrub. Sadly, tangerines are no longer in season. But Grapefruit Shrub is more than a substitute; it’s a star in its own right.

Try it straight over ice and seltzer. Swirl it into iced green tea. Drizzle it over a salad with avocado and Wolf Meadow Farm’s Caciocavallo cheese. Visit Vena’s Fizz House in Portland, Maine to taste the latest mocktails crafted by Steve and Joanna Corman. And by all means, include it in your next mojito, margarita, or Pisco cocktail.

Look for Spiker’s Grapefruit Shrub starting June 19.

PS – If you can’t find Spiker’s Shrubs at a location near  you, please ask for us at your local specialty foods retailer, or drop us a note here to suggest the names of stores near you. We’re eager to grow our distribution network, and your feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks!