Spiker’s Shrub drizzle for cheese and more

More versatile and varied than a balsamic reduction, our fruity shrub drizzle is ideal for cheese plates, salads, and beautiful platings. Any flavor of shrub can be used. Although bitters are optional, they expand the range of your drizzle to something decadent.

We love the look of the cheese with an artful drizzle of shrub over the top. But to expand the plating options, you can serve the drizzle in a little saucer so guests can dip cheese, fruit, bits of sausage or other nummies in the shrub reduction if they choose. Continue reading Spiker’s Shrub drizzle for cheese and more

Asian-inspired Shrub Dipping Sauce No. 1

Although the use of vinegar in cooking is extensive throughout most Asian cultures, westerners tend to think of it only as something for pickles or salad dressing. In this recipe, we’re going to show how Spiker’s Shrubs can be used as a key ingredient in three different types of Asian-inspired dipping sauces, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to attempt some variations of your own.

For this recipe, we’ve created a twist on the classic Ponzu sauce. Ponzu is distinguished by its bright citrus notes, balanced by the salty umame earthiness of the soy. In place of the traditional orange juice, mirin, rice vinegar and sugar, we’re using Spiker’s Sour Cherry Plum Shrub. (You could also use any other flavor and get interesting and savory results. It’s especially great with a combination of a fruity base shrub, plus our Chile Lime Shrub for heat and a citrus punch.)

Use this dipping sauce for egg rolls, spring rolls, or dumplings. Or brush over shrimp, salmon, or chicken prior to broiling or pan-searing to create a gorgeous and fragrant glaze.

PS – For another interesting recipe which works with all sorts of Fusion cuisine, try our Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (a.k.a. Nuoc Cham).

Shrub-glazed bacon

As if it wasn’t already delicious enough on its own, bacon can be elevated to an even higher plane of gustatory delight when given a light shellacking with Spiker’s Shrubs. Unlike many of the glazed bacon recipes you’ll find online, our instructions allow the wonderful smoky/salty flavor of the bacon to shine through, rather than burying it in a goo of brown sugar.

Spiker’s Shrubs impart a gentle fruity-tart note with just enough sweetness to transform the bacon in both taste and texture. The shrub glaze adds moisture to the bacon while it bakes, preventing it from curling into a twisted tangle. It also keeps the strips supple enough to serve hours after preparing.

What can you do with shrub-glazed bacon (other than devour it immediately)? Use it on sandwiches, soups, salads. Cut the bacon strips into squares and add shredded apple and a little cube of cheddar (or try melon and crumbled feta, blue, or chevre). Cut it into tiny dice and savor with a bite of extra-dark chocolate. Oh yeah…and a little bit sprinkled over vanilla ice cream won’t kill you, either.

Our master recipe below can be used with any flavor of Spiker’s Shrubs. You can use regular or thick-cut bacon. Cooking times will vary depending on the type of bacon you use, so be sure to keep your eye on the oven and the timer.