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Follow Spiker’s as we test veggies for shrubification

The FDA doesn’t have “shrubs” in its lexicon. We had to fight to get recognition as a legitimate food and beverage product. And now, we’re pushing the envelope some more.

We’ve been seeing articles and posts about celery shrubs, carrot shrubs, mint shrubs … you get the picture. But just because you throw some sugar and vinegar in with an organic ingredient doesn’t necessarily make it a shrub. Might be a syrup, but it probably isn’t a shrub.

Our marching orders from the FDA and other governing bodies are clear: To be shelf-stable, and to pass the muster when it comes to the very special “cold process” which preserves the color, clarity, and flavor of shrubs, we have to meet some scientific benchmarks. We already met the first mark. And now we’re looking at veggies. Do they have what it takes to create a shelf-stable product which shoppers can buy with confidence? We’ll let you know in four weeks. That’s when our first flight of test-ables will be ready for our pH meter. Stay tuned!