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Mocktail Monday is coming

CorsicanWithBeverageWhether you’re preparing for an important meeting, training for a triathlon, or maybe trying to lose weight, it’s great to have options when you’re taking a break from alcohol. That’s why we’re big advocates of starting off the week on a lighter note.

To give you a bit of help in visualizing your options sans-alcohol, we’re launching a new weekly blog feature: Mocktail Monday. Each week we’ll present a recipe for a non-alcoholic beverage with lovely flavor layers that will tantalize your tastebuds and give your liver a break from the usual. Our all-natural fruit shrub concentrates will play a key role in the ingredients list, so be sure to browse our selection, and place an online order for local pickup, or visit Leary’s Fine Wines and Spirits,  Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, or Tendercrop Farm in Newbury to purchase directly.