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Making time for Tomato Thyme Shrub

TomatoThyme_Step1I’ve been waiting a year for this moment. Full circle from 2013 when I first started playing around with shrubbing, I knew that tomatoes would have to play a major role in our menu of shrubbed fruit.

Today, I began a test batch of harvest tomato shrub with thyme. I used a mix of beefsteak, heritage, and cherry varieties with a random mix of acidity and sweetness. It was a treat to watch the tomatoes respond to the simple treatment of sugar maceration. Within 60 minutes, the fruit began to float in the jar, suspended above a bath of juicy goodness.

Thinking ahead

What can you do with tomato shrub, you ask? Practically everything. Add it to a martini, cosmo, Manhattan, Bloody Mary. Swirl it in with hibiscus tea for a deliciously rich mocktail. Add it to salads, stir fries, stocks and sauces. In other words, embrace it as your go-to pantry staple when you want to capture summer at its peak. September and beyond, Spiker’s Tomato Thyme Shrub will be there for you.

Available at Cider Hill Farm, Tendercrop Farm, and other fine farm and specialty stores near you.

Can’t find Spiker’s Shrubs? Please let your favorite store know about us and then shoot us an email. We’ll follow up to make sure you can find us at a convenient location.