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Mocktail Monday: Chill-ax with our Raspberry Bergamot Shrub cooler

Spikers_BlueberryJuniperCoolerYesterday was so blissfully cool and clear that I totally forgot about crafting a beverage for Mocktail Monday. But last night even in the depths of sleep, I could feel the mugginess creeping back into the house. So here — a day late — is the official offering for this week’s alcohol-free sip.

Although richly flavored, this mocktail has a cool finish thanks to the addition of juniper berry and mint. These herbs give it an herbaceous frostiness which makes it ideal when you want something to take your mind off the underbelly of summer.

Picture this as something to serve at bedtime, when the mucky air is unbearable even if the A/C is blasting. Place some clear glass cups or goblets in the freezer to get frosty, then take a shower to hose off. Wrap a chunky towel around your torso, and pour the chilled cooler sans ice just before you retreat to the boudoir to read (or whatever). Ahhhh.

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