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Mocktail Monday: Strawberry Mary

SpikersStrawberryMaryI’m one of the only people I know who adores a good Bloody Mary. By “good,” I don’t mean a can of tomato juice spiked with vodka. The best “Mary” drinks start with freshly pressed juice that’s bursting with garden-fresh flavor. When blended with the proper spices, I almost don’t even care if the booze is missing.

Which is what led me to develop this recipe for a light, alcohol-free take on a traditional Bloody Mary. A fresh puree of cucumber, celery, and tomatoes is strained and infused with brewed green tea to create a light and clear infusion rather than a gloppy ketchupy mess. Then it’s doctored up with a shot of Spiker’s Strawberry Rhubarb shrub (you’ll love how the rhubarb echoes the celery notes), wasabi, horseradish, black pepper and flake sea salt.

Although a celery stalk is the traditional garnish, I love the combination of lemony green olives and cherry tomatoes. And don’t forget the hot sauce. A few splashes at table are the perfect finishing touch.

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