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Patriot Punch
Mini samples get a new mini price
Siena Spritzer
Dark and Stormy
Sticky Peanuts with Ginger Bite, Sriracha, and Thai Basil
Spiker's Shrubs now at Ellwood Thompson's
Spiker's homemade maraschino cherries
Manhattan Ice Cream Soda with Sour Cherry Plum shrub
Georgian Adjika with Sour Cherry Plum Shrub
Mini samplers on their way to Sugar Tit Moonshine in South Carolina
Fresh Tomato Lime Vinaigrette
Quick way to remove ribs from kale, collards, and other greens
Asian-inspired Shrub Dipping Sauce No. 1
Juniper Shrub and Tonic mocktail
Floral shrubs make beautiful drinks
Sour Cherry Shrub Moppin' Sauce for Smoked Pork
Spiker's Lavender Mint Cowboy Hoof Martini
Warm Apple Shrub Vinaigrette
Spiced Apple-tini
Vodka Chihuahua
Fish Tacos with Chile Lime Hummus Slaw
Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Cham)
Shrubby Shrimp on the Bar-B
Prosecco Shrub Fizz
Crangerine-Lime Vinaigrette
Cosmo Fizz
Lavender Rosemary Rib-eye Steak
Mocktail Monday: The Wood Stacker
Lady Irish cocktail
Boston Manhattan
Pan-roasted Salmon in Shrub Marinade
Berry Sencha Spritzer
Pasta Salad with Blue Cheese, Fruit, Nuts, and Shrub Vinaigrette
Raspberry French 75 Cocktail
Make a Merry Margarita
Sensational stuff made locally – a holiday emporium
Moscow Mule Mocktail
Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Shrub
Introducing our new Ginger Bite shrub
Spiker's Shrub drizzle for cheese and more
Mocktail Monday: Apple-Cucumber Cooler
Mixify your cocktails with recipes from Corey Bunnewith
How to tell when peaches are ripe
Mocktail Monday: Berry Fruity Mock Sangria
Mocktail Monday: Spicy Mary
Mocktail Monday: Raspberry Shrub Collins
Dad deserves a cheese plate with a Spiker's Shrub drizzle
Spiker's Shrub-glazed bacon
Father's Day: Shrubs and Bacon
Coming soon to quench your thirst...
Coming home to Cider Hill
Food and Wine Fest at Shubie's in Marblehead
Strawberry Rhubarb is back in season
Shirley Temple gets a mocktail make-over
We're bubbling with pride at being added to Vena's Fizz House
Follow Spiker's as we test veggies for shrubification
Shrubs and Spirits Tasting in Georgetown
Pioneer Woman, you've met your match
Get your Spiker's on at The Stone Pantry and Georgetown Liquors
Shrubby Margaritas: Sinful, Saintly, and In-Between
Cabin Fever Cuisine: My kingdom for a stick of butter
Cabin Fever Cuisine: What to eat when Mother Nature has whipped you into submission
Marching your way...An army of mini-shrubs
Chocolate Berry Shrub Martini
Carrot Slaw with Sweet-Tart Shrub Dressing
Lillet Shrub Sparker
Shrub love at Shubie's Love Fest on Feb. 7
Coming Soon: The Mini-Shrub Sampler
Cheers to the Hawthorne Hotel shrub cocktail and mocktail menu
Carrie Bradshaw, meet Terry Bradshaw
Bourbon Cherry Cola
Set up a Shrubbuffet for New Year's Eve cocktails and mocktails
Rhymes with yum
Pomegranate and Avocado Salad with Shrub Vinaigrette
Spiker's Sour Cherry Manhattan
Doing the rum boogie with Rumson's
As seen in North Shore Magazine's November issue
Tasty shrubs on their way to the Farm Direct Co-op
Wenham Museum holiday fair features Spiker's Shrubs
Meet and greet the Spiker's tasting table at Shubie's in Marblehead this Saturday
Cranberry Chocolate Soufflé Pie
Mocktail Monday: Boomtown Rat-a-tat
New retail locations in Amesbury and Andover
Cuban Picadillo with Cranberry Shrub
Spiker's Cranberry Blog is back!
Now available at the historic Wenham Museum
How to help your outdoor herbs thrive indoors
Apple shrub mocktail gets a Halloween makeover October 23
Whiskey-IPA Cocktail with Apple Shrub
Shrub-glazed nuts are sweet, tart, and fast
Heading to Somerville to mix it up at Aeronaut Brewing Co.
Spiker's Shrub Cocktails to debut at Crave on October 4
Spiker's Shrubs available in downtown Amesbury starting October 4
Taking a break to appreciate my work setting
Spiker's Shrub Cocktails coming soon to a restaurant near you!
How's Your Game?
A sprinkle of shrub gives this dessert zing
New shrub flavors at Cider Hill Farm
Now available at Shubie's in Marblehead
Spiker's Shrubs make their first party debut
Tequila Shrub-rise
Making time for Tomato Thyme Shrub
Mocktail Monday: Strawberry Mary
National Peach Month kicks off with our new shrub flavor
Mocktail Monday: The alcohol-free mojito
Spiker's Shrub Vinaigrette Master Recipe
Mocktail Monday: Chill-ax with our Raspberry Bergamot Shrub cooler
Spiker's Sour Cherry Plum Shrub gives zing to BBQ sauce
Mocktail Monday is coming
Available starting July 17 at Tendercrop Farm
Spiker's Shrubs at Cider Hill Farm starting July 9
Leary's of Amesbury now carries Spiker's Shrubs
Spiker's Shrubs pure fruit mixers are ready for prime time
Clifden Pony Irish Whiskey Cocktail
Mocktail Monday: Berry Sencha Spritzer