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Now available at Shubie’s in Marblehead

shubiesGiftBasketsJust dropped off a supply of shrubs at the fabulous Shubie’s in Marblehead. If you’ve never been to Shubie’s, you’re in for a treat. Stellar wine, beer, and spirits selection, tempting prepared entrees, sides, salads, and bakery items, a killer cheese section, fun and useful kitchen trinkets and accessories, tantalizing condiments and gourmet treats (don’t leave without picking up a jar of beet and caramelized onion marmalade!), a sit-down section for chowing down or sipping with your neighborhood friends,  and a terrific community atmosphere.

Marblehead is a great destination any time of year, but it’s especially gorgeous in the fall after the summer throngs have thinned out. If you’re planning a day trip there, Shubie’s is the ideal place to begin or end your sight-seeing.