Juniper Bay Shrub


Crushed organic juniper berries form the foundation of this herbaceous, exotic shrub. Using many of the same ingredients chosen for top-shelf gins — grains of paradise, cubeb pepper, citrus peel, bay leaf — Spiker’s Juniper Bay Shrub is aromatic, fresh, and just a tiny bit piney. Use it to enhance your favorite Gin and Tonic recipe. Or skip the gin altogether and pair Juniper Bay Shrub with a top-shelf tonic such as Fever Tree or Q. Add a twist of lime and a splash of Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters and you will enjoy a spirit-free cocktail with the same fragrance and sophistication as the spirited version.

The tastebud temptations don’t stop here. For a recipe which evokes the aroma and taste of cooking over an open campfire, use Spiker’s Juniper Bay Shrub as a glaze for cedar-planked fish or shrimp kebabs.

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