Roasted Cinnamon Apple Shrub


The most versatile member of our shrub family if you are looking for an all-purpose culinary tool for cocktails, spritzers, salads, pan sauces, and more!

This shrub¬†captures the snappy, crisp notes found in an early-season cider. The first apples to appear in the fall are brighter and sharper than their mellower counterparts which show up in late October. And we have found that the best shrubs contain these same snappy, bright notes. We can’t tell you the exact ratio, but we do use apples you won’t find in a supermarket: Williams Pride, Burgundy, and Zesta.

To enhance the sense of autumnal nostalgia, we add a delicate whiff of roasted cinnamon. The roasting mellows out the sometimes bitter after-taste of cinnamon, and imbues it with a honey-rich hue which gives the shrub a round, mellow finish.

You’ll enjoy Roasted Cinnamon Apple shrub in everything from spritzers and sparklers to spirited beverages containing rum, Prosecco, champagne, and bourbon. Or drizzle it over raw/pan-seared greens for a delicious salad…or over roasted pumpkin, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, etc. The sky’s the limit!

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