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Pioneer Woman, you’ve met your match

FarmetteBlogAs part of today’s ongoing St. Patrick’s Day observance, I’m kicking off the first of three blog posts by tipping my hat to a blog I just came across this morning. At last, a food writer whose taste isn’t all in her mouth!

Imen McDonnell’s website Farmette is beautiful in a visually sparse and restful way. Several years ago, the former US-born television, film, and advertising producer jumped the pond after meeting and marrying her Irish husband. She writes about homey things related to Irish farm life, but unlike a certain American blogger-turned-farmgirl whose name shall not be mentioned, her recipes don’t include a block of cream cheese and stick of butter in every dish. True, Imen is not feeding cowboys. But I have a feeling those range-riders at the Pioneer Woman ranch would benefit from more fiber in their diet (and not the kind used in Blazing Saddles).

Check it out …