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Shrub-glazed nuts are sweet, tart, and fast

SpikersShrub-GlazedNutsHave you ever made spiced nuts: the kind you coat with sugar and/or egg white and heat in the oven or the stove top? In my opinion most of the recipes are a pain. If you aren’t careful or you get sidetracked for just a few minutes, the entire batch can burn. If you add too much sugar, it might melt into jaw-breaking nuggets instead of a silky sheet of sweetness.

And speaking of sugar, take a look at the quantities that are usually called for. If this doesn’t cause a glycemic shock I don’t know what does.

There’s a better way to create glossy, delicately sweet nuts without all this fuss: just use a splash of Spiker’s Shrubs. Any flavor will do, but right now we’re partial to Apple Crisp, Peach Rosemary, and Pineapple Basil. The fruity, tart notes in each of the shrubs adds an extra layer of flavor to whatever spice blend you choose. And it takes less than three minutes for the liquid to reduce and coat the nuts with a lump-free sheen which allows the flavor of the nuts to take center stage.

Our master recipe is veritably fool-proof. Once you’ve made a basic batch,  consider some of the variations suggested here. You might never go back to the old ways again!

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