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Spiker’s Shrub Cocktails to debut at Crave on October 4

CraveBannerCraving something different in the cocktail realm? On October 4, stop by Crave — Amesbury’s innovative neighborhood bistro — to share in the debut of their new Spiker’s Shrub cocktails.

Owner Sean Toomey and his skilled bar staff have selected three shrubs to pair with three small-batch artisan spirits crafted in Greater Boston and the North Shore.

Spiker’s Pineapple Basil Shrub will be paired with Privateer Silver Reserve Rum. Paul Pacult of Spirits Journal used these words to describe Privateer Silver: “Clear as rainwater; superb, sediment-free clarity. The opening aroma is juicy, ripe and bakery shop sweet…; further time in glass allows for a beany aspect to emerge in spades, in particular cocoa bean and cocoa butter plus baked pineapple and clove….Brazenly bittersweet and therefore keenly delicious.”

Our Sour Cherry Plum Shrub will be featured with Bully Boy Straight American Whiskey. Bully Boy’s aged whiskey uses corn, rye, and malted barley as its primary ingredients, and is aged in new American Oak. The corn makes for subtle sweetness, and the high rye content creates a dry spiciness; the flavors are further refined through the barrel-aging process, which imparts both a prominent caramel note and a nutty finish.

And Spiker’s Blueberry Juniper Shrub will partner with Ryan and Wood Knockabout Gin. Named to honor the fishing schooners built at the turn of the century, Knockabout Gin is a complex marriage of juniper berries, coriander seed, Angelica root, orris root, orange peel — stalwarts of many gin recipes — along with a deft touch of spices and lemon peel.

CraveInteriorWe couldn’t be prouder to be showcased with such quality spirits, or to be on the menu of such a special restaurant. Join us for the debut, or stop by any time to enjoy the new shrub cocktails along with the other culinary delights at Crave.