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Sensational stuff made locally – a holiday emporium

Take a bite out of your holiday shopping angst by swinging by the gorgeous Willowdale estate in Topsfield on November 22. This is not a holiday craft fair. Think of it more as a vibrant marketplace nestled in the rooms of an historic New England mansion. And Spiker’s Shrubs will be there with bells on. Sample our new shrubs … stock up on stocking stuffers including our newest mini shrub sampler … and meet other artisan food producers who share our passion for fresh, locally made products. Continue reading Sensational stuff made locally – a holiday emporium

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Spiker’s Shrubs at the new Boston Public Market

CornerStalkFarmProduceHeading into Boston to check out the fabulous new Public Market? Be sure to stop by Corner Stalk Farm’s booth and pick up a box of gourmet greens hand-grown in their pesticide-free hydroponic East Boston compound. You can also pick up Spiker’s Shrubs to splash on your greens (or in your favorite spirits, seltzer, or tea). Our Pineapple Basil Shrub features basil fresh from Corner Stalk.

Check out our Master Recipe for vinaigrette here. Spiker’s Pineapple Basil Shrub makes greens sing! (You can use any of our shrubs for a delicious vinaigrette.)

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Food and Wine Fest at Shubie’s in Marblehead

We’re b-a-a-c-c-k-k-k! After the long, killer winter we’re thrilled to be sharing the floor at Shubie’s annual Food and Wine Fest with a select group of specialty purveyors. Stop by today from 1-5pm, and be sure to say hello to our first-of-the-season Strawberry Rhubarb shrub. New bottle size — a hefty 12 ounces — and a beautiful, fresh blend of two of New England’s favorite flavors.

PS – Be sure to say hello to our friends from Atlantic Saltworks, too!

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Coming soon: Spiker’s new artisan shrub collection

Bergamot orangesLet’s face it: not everyone is a fan of herbs in their beverages. But those who do love an herbal, spicy, or umami tinge are in for a treat. Spiker’s is pleased to introduce a new select line of artisan shrubs with unique flavor pairings designed for the curious sipper.

One of our first flavor profiles for Spring 2014 is the exotic and misunderstood bergamot. The seductive taste we associate with Earl Gray tea comes not from an herb, but an Italian citrus fruit which originated in South Asia. The bergamot has a famously bitter, floral rind. Its juice is actually too bitter for us to shrub, but the oil of the peel conveys a beautiful essence that is unmistakable and unforgettable.

Curious? So are we. In fact, we don’t yet know how we’ll pair this gorgeous flavor with a spring fruit. Just rest assured that you’ll be the first to know…especially if you are a member of the Spiker’s Shrub Club. No charge to enroll. Just fill out the form below. Each month, you’ll get advance info about new releases, discounts on unadvertised specials, and more.


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Asian-inspired Shrub Dipping Sauce No. 1

Although the use of vinegar in cooking is extensive throughout most Asian cultures, westerners tend to think of it only as something for pickles or salad dressing. In this recipe, we’re going to show how Spiker’s Shrubs can be used as a key ingredient in three different types of Asian-inspired dipping sauces, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to attempt some variations of your own.

For our first recipe, we’ve created a twist on the classic Ponzu sauce. Ponzu is distinguished by its bright citrus notes, balanced by the salty umame earthiness of the soy. In place of the traditional orange juice, mirin, rice vinegar and sugar, we’re using Spiker’s Pineapple Basil Shrub. (You could also use any other flavor and get interesting and savory results.)

Use this dipping sauce for egg rolls, spring rolls, or dumplings. Or brush over shrimp, salmon, or chicken prior to broiling or pan-searing to create a gorgeous and fragrant glaze.

PS – More sauce recipes coming soon, along with suggestions for what to serve them with.

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Coming Soon: The Mini-Shrub Sampler

ShrubsInARowBy popular demand, we’re ready to roll out a new product: The Mini-Shrub Sampler. Our collection of nip-sized shrubs will give you a chance to sip and savor all of our flavors and decide which ones you like the most. (We hope you’ll love them all!) Want to know more? Use our contact form to be put on the Mini-Shrub release list. We’ll share the delivery date as soon as we get the ultrasound.

Check our flavors list and let us know which ones you love or are intrigued by. Or if you have a flavor passion we haven’t yet tapped, let us know what you’re leaning toward.