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Raspberry French 75 Cocktail

Looking for a recipe for the perfect romantic drink for Valentine’s Day? This is it: the French 75. Crafted with Champagne, gin or cognac, and lemon juice, the cocktail usually includes a splash of simple syrup. But our elegant shrub, Raspberry Bergamot, is a beautiful replacement.

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Father’s Day: Shrubs and Bacon

Every year, you see websites pushing alcohol for Dads. Sure, my father liked his Scotch. But to push Harvey’s culinary hot button,  I knew he wanted more than a glass of Jack Daniels. He wanted cheese, bacon, and nuts.

Clearly, the folks at  Pamplemousse in Reading, MA are on the same wavelength, because on June 13 they’re hosting the ultimate pre-Father’s Day bash: Booze, Blues, Brews, and Bacon. 

We’ll be there to join in the fun. Find out how Spiker’s Shrubs can turn bacon into a thing of wonder at the breakfast table. (They can also make a mean cocktail, cheese drizzle, and more.)

If you can’t find something at this event, it’s time for a Hallmark card and one of those “I’ll clean the garage” lists. Dad might sigh and smile, but his inner baconator will be very disappointed.