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Taking a break to appreciate my work setting

IMG_1905Today was shrub straining day: a day which involved funnels and buckets and mesh filters and spoons and bowls and sieves and measuring cups. And a lot of mess.

There I was, chugging along with my nose to the grindstone and my apron splattered with fruit bits, when suddenly I looked up and was smitten by the still-life which appeared on the far wall.

Sun was streaming in the window, my tools were on the drying rack after scrubbing and sanitizing, and the brick mill building across the way was kissed with a rosy golden glow. Steel, white, cream, and sunshine … talk about uplifting!

I know this may sound corny, and no, it’s not the result of inhaling too much Clorox (actually, we use Quats — quaternary ammonium cations). But I just want to send a shout-out to Lisa Sutton for having had the vision to create Kitchen Local and our great facilities. It’s a pleasure, a privilege, and indeed a special opportunity to call this place “home base.”