What’s a shrub?

In the world of mixology and beverages, a “shrub” is a concentrated infusion made from whole fruit, vinegar, and cane sugar using a centuries-old maceration technique that’s slow and natural. These three simple ingredients, given enough time to get acquainted, meld into something fruity, tart yet sweet, and delicious.

The formula originated hundreds of years ago when early American settlers wanted to preserve autumn fruit after a bountiful harvest. Although their primary focus was the fruit, they discovered that maceration produced an intensely flavored liquid which was fabulous as an addition to spirits, tea, and water.

Today, shrubs are getting new life and appreciation from folks who want a break from super-sweet beverages and fake ingredients. Just a small amount of shrub – usually an ounce – is all you need to add a fresh pop of natural flavor to your favorite cocktail, mocktail, artisan soda, or culinary creation.

What Makes Spiker’s Shrubs Different

You’ll find all kinds of recipes for shrubs if you search online. And although there is a faster, cheaper way to make them, Spiker’s takes the road less traveled because we believe it leads to a brighter, fresher, and higher quality product.

We don’t use juices, pureés, or other pre-processed ingredients in our shrubs. We don’t use distilled vinegar. And we don’t take the shortcut of cooking our ingredients, because this results in a shrub that tastes more like liquid jelly.

To us, it’s all about crafting a harmonious balance between tart and sweet. If you have tried other shrubs and found them too vinegary, or too sugary, we hope you’ll give ours a taste-test and experience the difference.

A Family Business

Named in honor of my grandfather John Spiker (a coal miner from West Virginia who lost his life in the mines long before I was born), our small-batch enterprise began in 2013 when I took a vacation from wine and wanted an alcohol-free, natural, and grown-up alternative to soft drinks. What started out as an experiment turned into a passion and a family-owned business. Parties and neighborhood gatherings soon became a testing ground for cocktail concoctions, mocktail recipes, and culinary experimentation.

In early 2014, we began production of Spiker’s Shrubs for wholesale and retail trade and have embraced the thrill and challenge of being a small-batch producer in a world of big boxes and even bigger budgets.

In the summer of 2017, we moved our home and our business from Amesbury, MA to beautiful Greenfield, Massachusetts in the historic Pioneer Valley. Greenfield is home to an awesome food processing facility which offers state of the art equipment along with small batch respect. We have just begun to learn the ropes at this new place, but we love our team and look forward to lots of flavorful fun ahead.

We hope you’ll explore our website to learn about our growing base of retailers who have put Spiker’s Shrubs on their shelves for your sipping and cooking pleasure. Or take advantage of online shopping if you aren’t currently near a retail source. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a recipe to share or a suggestion for a new shrub flavor. It might just end up with your name on it!

IMG_1593Cheers …

Kate Broughton & Family |  GREENFIELD, MA