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Mocktail Monday: The alcohol-free mojito

mocktail mojitoIn an article in the“Off Duty” section of the Wall Street Journal, barman Bryan Dayton pointed out, “It’s not just pregnant women and tea-totalers” who are driving the burgeoning mocktail trend. “It’s people who are health-conscious, who need to work the next day. It’s people ordering nonalcoholic beverages after two drinks because they need to stay sharp at a business dinner.”

Perhaps that’s why more and more people are discovering the versatility of our Spiker’s Shrubs. With their perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, as well as deeply concentrated fruit flavors, shrubs mix beautifully with each other as well as with bitters, tea, and high-end root beers and ginger ales. And because they have fewer calories than flavored syrups, when shrubs are used in a mocktail it is kinder to your waistline. No designated driver needed; no hangover involved.

If you haven’t already had a chance to explore the potential of a “virgin” cocktail made with Spiker’s Shrubs, pick up a bottle or two, crank up the Soda Stream, and start experimenting. The only limit is your imagination. To get you started, here’s how to tweak the ever-popular mojito to create a version that’ll take you to church (and vice-versa).


For starters, let’s review what’s in a traditional mojito: White rum, fresh lime, fresh mint, and soda. To emulate the flavor notes that are characteristic of a good rum — namely pineapple, molasses, and almonds — our recipe includes a splash of our Spiker’s Pineapple Basil Shrub (which contributes the fruity and sweet elements of the first two items), plus a splash of Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters. (You could also use almond extract, but bitters are — in our opinion — better.)

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